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Friday, October 14, 2005

Artists tries to Rebuild Buddhist Statues

This is an amazing Story that I want to tell you about. I read this in the SanFrancisco Chronicle on August 14, 2005. BUDDHA BEYOND THE TALIBAN - Artist Hiro Yamagata, plans to project laser art images of the Buddhas onto the sites in Afghanistan where the Taliban destroyed the 1,600 year old huge Buddhist statues. The Taliban demans world attention and then destroys icons that resemble Buddhas in the homeland of the Father of Tibetan Buddhism, Padma Sambhava the Buddha. He founded Tibetan Buddhism after he migrated to Tibet in the 7th Century AD from Afghanistan. Today, the Tibetan Buddhists believe he presides in those mountains in Afganistan in his Copper Mountain Paradise.

The artwork of Hiro Yamagata is a way of resurrecting those Buddhas as eternal lights and to give healing to the Buddhist people. You can see more of his work andmission at his site: www.hiroyamagata.com/exhibition/


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