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Friday, September 16, 2005

If I Were God

Poems By David Sereda

If I were God
August 25th, 2005
If I were God, I would appear as a tree
No one could misunderstand what I said
Because I would say nothing
There would be no need for a church or temple
Just listen to the sound of the wind shimmering in my leaves
There would be no Wars in my name
Just rest in my shadow
And you will no longer be lost in your own
Be still and Know God
I am hidden in the tree

The Tree of Life
August 25th, 2005

Touch the Breeze
Awaken thy Holy face
Cool shadow over me
but I dared not look upon the leaves
of the Tree of Life
and Gain Eternal Life
Who dare Live Forever
without “first” knowing the Truth

The Forbidden Fruit
August 25th, 2005

In the Garden of Eden
God warned them not to partake of it,
This feeble dark knowledge
Of Good and Evil,

What is it,
Nothing but an internal Conflict
Who could agree on what is Good and What is Evil,
Only Chaos this Tree would breed
Paradise is Gone
Man left the garden to go and make War

If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light
There is no conflict in Singularity
I do not believe in Good and Evil any more
Go back into the Garden
And make Love beneath my leaves once again
Partake of the Tree of Life
Which is in the midst of the Garden, God Said,
Now Gain Eternal Life

Rest in the shadow of the Sun
For the Face of the Most Holy One casts it upon thee
For the Tree of Life is the veil
Between humanity and God


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At 1:33 AM, Blogger Indigobusiness said...

God is Not an Asshole

You are a clear light in a darkening world. May your voice reach far and wide.


At 5:52 PM, Blogger yates said...

I just heard a coasttocoast-radio show where you (david) talk about time, space, ufos and more. At first i told my friend who sended the mp3 files that im not interested in ufo-crap. But you werent just talking about ufos.
It was striking what ive heard, let me thank you for this first.
I want to tell you a experience in my life and i hope this text will reach you, which im quite sure it will.

Im 29 years old now, live in Netherlands.
When i was 16 i started experimenting with drugs;At first it was for fun and exploring new options. But in that same year i started doing all kinda drugs, i discovered lsd. Since then i was totally hooked on such experiences and used lsd for 2 years in a row (meaning every week)...
It wasnt a partydrug, it was a spirtual search even tho i didnt realise exactly what my reasons were. When i was tripping i was able to use my fantasy and i was able to change the world in my perception. This was a very interesting game. After 2 years i reached a climax.
I will try you to tell this this trip, and i hope you dont take my crappy english sentences as absolute reflection of what happened, but more as a vehicle to define what i experienced.
I was in a park, with friends and their faces were looking funny, as usual, but this time i couldnt deal with it. I destroyed my cap and trew it away. and i wanted to run to home: Straight tru bushes and i felt the leaves and branches go straight tru my body, while it seemed i spiralled into the moon. Seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and everything mixed together, even tho i was still in this "world". I saw my driverslicence and it seemed useless and even something that was in my way: i trew it away. I kept walking to my house.. and trew my keys away, my sweather,.. one shoe ,,, more and more i trew away, even tho i didnt know why exactly.
I live on the countryside and to get there i had to walk over a 1 mile long dike. My bedroom always was a safe harbour where i could "de-trip" so i had to reach it.
But.. it wasnt easy: It was like the molecules of my fingers turned into gas and left my body. At the same time my one bare foot was sinking into the street and i had to struggle to do the next step. I experience allotta weird stuff in the years befor, like running your hands tru your hair and feeling the hairs go tru your fingers aswell, but this was very extreme and i found it hard to deal with.
On the street there was this number on the road painted, number 26; Prolly for roadbuilders to recognize a point. But everytime i was passin that point, i used to ask myself: who am i? and in what state am i in. I had put alotta values in that meaningless number on the street.
In the extreme trip i came pass that point and realised my body vanished into the universe. I was scared cuz i didnt want to: I always liked the "game" but this was far more unbelievable then id ever couldve thought.
I felt i had the choice to the the last "step" into the universe. But i didnt want to, becuz id had to leave everything behind. I struggled to get out while realising that it was "I who started this All": When i explain it in words: It was visualized in a wheel where legs were attached on: Walking in circles, Overstepping problems but facing the next and next and next and next....
I was scared, struggled and got out, but it took "forever" to walk that mile to get home.
(At home my dad was awake and you can imagine it was a story itself what it was like when i was halfnaked facing my dad who seemed like a dwarf who had controll over me, but i wont "bore" you with that part.)

My analysis came in the years following:
1, As human you see things in 3D and Time.
2, You put values in everything, and you can change the one opposite value for the other.
3, You can tap into the universe, become one with it.

4, If you want to tap into the universe, you need to be prepared to let loose of everything. (Trowing keys, clothes etc. was what i was doing, even tho i didnt know exactly why..... )
5, perception of time will change en my conclusion was that the universe has no time.

I was scared, even tho i started the sequence and reached a far point: I realised i didnt want to loose everything: I wanted my parants, i wanted that smiling gurl at bustop, i wanted so many things more in life: I wasnt ready with life and i didnt know what would happen if i would do that last step in the universe. So i fought and struggled to get back and succeeded.

You can imagine that i was very happy to hear about your theories: They are true, i can asure you. (Even tho the trip itself is no absolute truth; The conclusions i made after it are for me.)

The duality, the opposites.
( We had a saying among other 16year old kids: "Wel tof, niet tof", meaning: "Its good, its not good" and when we used it we reverred to the opposite values we could swap)
The Universe where there is all but time.

Im no ufo-believer, but i believe everything is possible: You want it? You get it.
Reality is in the perspective of the observer and there are NO limits of posibilities.

Your theories links science and religion together: Both are just words in a perspective, but they both touch something. No written word is able to really explain the "truth", its just a vehicle which can help you to reach the destination you have chosen.

There is NO absolute path to "Paradise", You choose one and let everything go( Time, Space, Values ), and Believe in the Path youve chosen and you will get where you want.

Thanx again, i hope you read this (not too short) story and recognize the parallels between your theories and my experiences as a young kid.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

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At 7:17 PM, Blogger anonymous said...


I have been following your work for some time. I am thankful for the information you have provided--fantastic.

Question. The Space Shuttle camera's are using 3CCD infrared and near ultra-violet technology. How can anyone purchase such a camera--regardless of cost?

It seems if the average person could get a hold of even a throw-down version of this, we would have an overwhelming level of these things.

And there are those reading this who do not care about the cost--just how do people get these camera's?


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