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Monday, July 11, 2005

Someone Stole my Bicycle

Last summer I bought a simple $300 bicycle so that I could reduce pollution, greenhouse gases, and cut back on America's consumption of foreign oil. We spend $125 billion per year making Saudis rich instead of Canadians by purhasing Canadian oil. I think we like funding terrorism? So one day, going up a hill, my chain slipped, and I wiped out and broke 2 ribs and was is so much pain for 6 months trying to heal and still rode my bike. I felt that strongly about it. We drive our gas guzzling hogs just to go to the bank down the street, the supermarket to by a bag of lemons, and to talk to a friend. Ride a bike. Cut down on oil and pollution was my motto. I even got my girlfriend to see the light and we rode everywhere together with the two cars parked in the garage unless we had to go too far. But I even managed a few trips on my bicycle a week to Santa Monica from LA at 15 miles each way. That burned some of the fat I earned all winter.

But on July 4th, Independence day, someone stole both of our bikes while they were locked up in the back yard. Now who would steal anything on Independence day? Not a true American. Thieves with no jobs aand bad drug habbits are stealing from people who work hard for their money. WHat is happening in my back yard?

I am pissed off!

David Sereda


At 1:01 AM, Blogger TaB said...

welcome to *blogger David :)
so nice to see you got a blog. must add you to my roll now :)

well i use a bike as prime transport too, and i have also had mine taken from outside of a store (locked up).
yep it sucks, did you know you can insure your bike for.. xxx$ value? yup. well up here in Canada you can.

no sweat hun, just a bike. :)

hope you got a new one.


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