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Monday, August 01, 2005

New TV Show - Global Ecology

I would like to host a new TV show on Global Ecology and Solutions to educate people about the problems (25%) and the real solutions (75%). The Solution Areas I have personal 25 years experience in are:

1. Reforestation - I have personally planted 1.3 million trees over 22 years
2. Nuclear Fusion and Alternative Energy - I Spoke in Congress on this in 1993
3. Eco-Architecture - Transforming Exisitng Homes to Solar, Wind Power, energy efficiency and Rainwater Capture
4. Building News Homes to become Energy Independent
5. Alternative Fueled Vehicles - Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles
6. Reclaiming Polluted Watersheds and Swamplands
7. Urban tree planting - tree People Los Angeles

I think it is paramount that people have access to knowledge about how we can transform our energy policies and ecology at the same time. I have spent my life in serious efforts to transform the global ecology.

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At 1:08 PM, Blogger Arabella Strange said...

I do hope you get a show on this all important topic. I am researching getting my home "off the grid," and I am amazed at the dearth of information on the subject written in easy to understand language for the science challanged layperson such as myself considering the coming oil crisis. I look forward to watching your show, and if a television producer were smart, s/he would jump at the chance to work with you.


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