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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

China Spends $20 Million on UFO Research Center

UFO Over Phoenix - Video frame by Jeff Willes www.UFOsOverPhoenix.com

See this link to China UFO research Center Story


While China is now reported to be spending a wopping $20 million on a UFO Research Center, Mainstream American Media and Universities laugh at the phenomenon. Are we making a grave mistake by ignoring the significance of UFO technology? Because the next country who manages to perfect anti-gravity and UFO propulsion will be King of Airspace on this planet. Every great empire in the world fell when their enemy made a more advanced weapon. The atomic bomb "Manhattan Project" was classified, but not classified enough. Soon Russia and China had the bomb. Today India has it.

But UFO technology would give any nation the upper hand, enough to destroy our F-22 Raptor to smitherines. If China does manage to reverse-engineer UFO technology they could win a war. But why do our universitiy professors of physics doubt UFOs exist when even astronauts like Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell and James McDivitt have testified to the phenomenon? Richard P. Feynman mocked UOFs:

I had a conversation about flying saucers some years ago with "laymen". You see, because I'm "scientific", they think I know all about flying saucers! So, I said "I don't think there are flying saucers." My antagonist said, "Is it impossible that there are flying saucers?! Can you prove that it's impossible?" I said, "No, I can't prove it's impossible. It's just very unlikely."
"That", they say, "is very unscientific. If you can't prove it impossible, then how can you say it's unlikely?"
But, that's the way it is, scientifically. It is scientific only to say what's more likely or less likely, and not to be proving all the time what's possible or impossible. To define what I mean, I finally said to him, "Listen. I mean that from my knowledge of the world that I see around me, I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the result of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence rather than the unknown rational efforts of extraterrestrial intelligence."

I personally asked Murray Gell-Mann to do an investigation into the phenomenon and he would not speak about it. But this is what happens when giants are sleeping on their success: their enemies are not. They are working hard to gain the upper hand.

A retired USAF Colonel recently told me that the UFO phenomenon is more classified than the Manhattan Project ever was. But if it is too classified, and no one wants to get down to reverse engineering strategies, we can loose our Air Superiority. China may be our next Global Dictatorship. Look what they did to Tibet in the 20th century. They took over a country during the Geneva Convention ratification. 2 million Tibetans were murdered.

This is not a peaceful planet. We want it to be and we want to use UFO technology to explore our universe, but what is China's intention?

I propose to start a large-scale UFO research facility in America to rival our neighbors in China. Let us spend $100 million.

David Sereda


At 7:58 PM, Blogger AutumnWalker said...

You are my idol.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Scot Cordon said...

I can't wait for the book... I had an experience while I was playing the guitar one day as the sun was going down.. I had just quit playing and intstead of the tone dying out it actually started to grow and vibrate... It started low and then kept going higher and at its highest point or frequency.. It leveled off with just one high pitched tone.. Thats when things got real weird... I heard a melody in my head.. A three note melody playing over and over again.. For some reason I looked down at my and hand and I could not see it.. Invisible. I ran into the bathroom and looked into the mirror ..Invisible..... Needless to say I freaked out .... I don't no why but I got into the bath tub.It seem to slowly reconstitute me...Ive had other strange experience with what I now have a name for the "Singualrity effect"..Anyway ... I believe we all have these naturaly abilities... .. Godspeed.

At 5:16 AM, Blogger My mother says said...

check the amazing cave art on http://www.bestufopictures.com/

At 6:11 PM, Blogger ironcloudz said...

so why is it any better if the US has it than China.
IS our history any better?
This is dumb nationalism

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Swordfish_1 said...

The money is coming from a Taiwan based Company, so these are private funds. The city, Guiyang, may be building some sort of amusement park, as far as the article goes. Why would China give a city 20 mil to build a research center they can secretely build themselves? It would be interesting to see what becomes of this is the future.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Julian Roush said...

I agree with you David. Our Government is already working on it but under a deep cover. We do not know there intentions. We need to do something very soon. Sightings are on the rise. We do not know their intentions as well. I hope that the day will come when all people put aside their differences and work for the good of mankind together.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger peter said...

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