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Monday, September 25, 2006

"SINGULARITY" IS NOW HERE! Order at www.LuLu.com/DavidSereda Order Singularity online

What readers are saying:

Mr Sereda,
I very much enjoyed your book, Singularity! I found it a Grand Marriage
of physics, and metaphysics, seamlessly woven with proven scientific fact.
Dave Reid, Bio-Chemist, Statesville, NC

Hello David,

I finished you E-Book and can honestly say it was the right information at the right time for me. At almost 50, I've become more fixed in my thinking than I really understood. Having someone like you, hold up a new paradigm allowed me to acknowledge mine was flawed, and facilitated a mental shift. That process, as you know, is painful. Its not an easy matter at this age to dropped previously held beliefs and grasp onto new ones. There is a period of time where I'm between realities and everything seems distorted. Less real. It also allows me to see other parallel ides where were right in front of my face all this time. That is a bit shocking. I am fortunate, that I've got someone who has already traveled down all these twists and turns in the river of consciousness, he can hold out a type of virtual life vest, which keeps me from falling into the madness along the edges of the bank.


Order Singularity online


Adam and Eve were banished from the proverbial Garden of Eden for partaking of the forbidden fruit of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” This is the poisonous duality that would cause them to fall from Grace, but also be the root cause of all War, Disease, Death, and worst of all, the cause of all human limitation. I could prove this in quantum physics modeling. In the Nag Hammadi Library, Trimorphic Protennoia, after the proverbial “Fall from Grace,” it is written that humanity was “cast down to the lowest region of all matter.” It didn’t say, the lowest region of the universe, but of matter itself. There is a code on matter that must be broken before humankind can become free. It was right there inside the atom all this time, a code that caused the three most devastating limitations, I call the “Three Great Inertias.”

In this book we will examine the Three Major Forms of Inertia that human beings experience: Good and Evil would be the root cause of three major forms of inertia: 1. The Psychological Inertia that results in Conflict, Violence and War, 2. The Inertia of movement, that we would be trapped in the fabric of space-time and not be able to move faster than the speed of light (Einstein’s Law). 3. The Cellular Inertia that causes aging, disease and death. All of these three forms of inertia were prophesy in the Bible book of Genesis when God warned Adam and Eve not to partake of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

But when we get to understand the root cause of all inertia, only then will we be able to perceive the great “Singularity,” our greatest potential Liberation. With Singularity, we can firstly End all Violence and War, if we can all agree to collectively perceive it, and use it as a transformational tool. Secondly, we could attain instantaneous movement of information, communications and actual space travel anywhere in the universe, in zero time. This would be the greatest achievement for our Total Evolution. The Freedom to move anywhere. But even more fascinating than movement, we could actually see the first Real Time picture of our universe; a picture that the very slow speed of light prevents us from seeing. Finally, we can end all disease and death. We could actually attain eternal life, rather than wait for it to be granted by some higher power outside of ourselves.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger Cassio said...

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At 1:33 PM, Blogger Cassio said...

David. You might want to take a look at the link below:
Is it familiar.

Singularity. Great . I think you are in the right path but unfortunately too ahead of our time.
Good luck!

At 2:08 AM, Blogger Awen said...

DAvid, Iam listening to you on coasttocoast I think I totally understand what you are saying. Let me give you a simple example. God Created (singularly) in his image he male she female. A little later says man shall leave his mother and his father and shall become united and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh. I have always believed this was gods 2 aspects of male and female coming back togetherin singularity so that we can procreate. It is In this union this singularform that we are the most like God we can be at this point in our evolution. For it was in the One God allwas created and all was born. Namaste, Awen

John 8:12 (KJV)
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

At 2:11 AM, Blogger Brett Fletcher said...

Hello David,

Looking forward to ordering the book. Just heard you on Coast to Coast - excellent job!
If you get a chance view my work on LuLu;


It's a more poetry & Prose approach to the Truth you speak of in factual terms.
Peace & Love,
Brett Fletcher

At 2:39 AM, Blogger Lucretius said...

Hello David +

I am interested in opening a dialogue with you concerning Singularity specifically and more generally, cosmology. I will have faith that you are keeled for public critical discourse but if you feel that private discussion is better then I would welcome e-mail at cjnohl@sbcglobal.net.

In beginning I would like to say that I greatly admire your work and especially the combination of fascinations that form the skin of your thoughts. There is something in your earnestness that has awakened me from the sequestering of my awareness from the general public. I have come to understandings that may be of interest to you and I will challenge you to ask me any academic question what-so-ever that you may be currently interested in and I will act as conduit for the answer. Then I suggest that you may judge such on its merit.

Now, if you will permit me to comment on your blog and your wonderful discussion with Mr. Noory: your thesis is such that habit, classical inertia, and linearity are three species intertwined and varying between the fundamental dichotomy of good and evil. That is, if I understand you exactly.

You are Right to assert that there is Actuality beyond any description but all of them and I recognize you know its name. But your thoughts could be clearer my brother. Singularity is irreferentiality by definition and therefore lacks definition and awareness but to itself. This is to say that singularity's existence requires lack of definition or uncertainty about its very existence (indeed this is the essence of Mr. Erwin Shrodinger's observations).
The very conceptual seat of this singularity therefore, is Paradox proper, for to define it, oberve it or speak of it is to violate the existence of the very same. Such is the application of conceptual oil upon water. The very basic dualism, therefore, is not good and evil per se but singularity and plurality proper: the first and second dimension where within either time is impossible. You made reference to the fact that dualisms are omnipresent in quantum mechanics and forgive me, but I believe this to be verifiably false, for if it is not then what is the definition and characteristic of a Fermion? Perhaps I am mistaken but your thesis seems the characteristic of habit in this aspect more than enlightenment. Also, it is clearly incorrect that the speed of light is absolute for even as the words have come from your mouth you have observed the gravatrino to be necessarily faster. You asked the question of how an approximated singularity (ie. time-travelling vessel) might travel and I shall reveal this to you. You asserted that to exist as a singularity is synonymous with omnipresence but this thought is humorous and surely you jest even though if not knowing it consciously. You jump such to apply 23rd dimensional syntax upon the first dimension as an artist frustrated at his brush for its failure to paint the air. The singularity of common dimensional expansion turbines is not an absolute singularity but a gravitational neutrality. Navigation occurs much as a lens focuses where astronomical objects serve as fixed points of pivot or branches as it where for the monkey swinging past the stars. Neutral existence is the real secret here: gravitational invisibility where the more complete the singularity field (ie. dense with charge) the greater the approximation of instantaneous travel. The pinholes of referentiality poked through the singularity veil navigate the craft and must stay focused as movement commences to read as it is the slow speed of light which belies a past not entirely accurate of the present until the pertinent source is reached in close proximity. WHat I have just coarsely described is the mechanics and avionics of a basic hyperdrive. I will expand a bit in saying that such travel is primitive compared to that used by those unbound by fear of uncertainty who navigate transdimensional space using the same technology with a greater resolution of the expanded ergosphere which in turn allows navigation by use of anlayzing the relative decay rates of radioactive material which increases in proportion to a greater external gravitational field. In such instance the pinholes are centered upon astronomical mass within other dimensions and not present in the dimension of departure at all. Therefore, relevant epistemological certainty decays in this second mode proportionately to the distance travelled in time from the point of origin.
Rather than boring you and in the interest of getting some shut-eye, I will congratulate you on your new book and eagerly await your correspondance and thoughts.

At 6:20 AM, Blogger chicagoastronomer said...


I heard your interview on C2C Wednesday evening and must say I had to stop and pay attention to what you were saying, as it was hitting the right notes with me.

Just on the astrophysics/cosmology/astronomy aspects of your explanations was utmost interesting. I can't say I have ever heard of the origins of all like you have proposed...and I like what you say.

Entertwining belief dogma into this scientific explanations is just too unreal. I consider myself an agnostic, with so many religions of the world claiming to be the "right" one, I grew jaded and with an open mind explored. Like you, I have found Buddism probably the most comfortable and easy manner of finding ones center.

The UFO aspects of your talk was also very good, and probably the most clear explanation I have ever heard on the phenomenon.

Thank you for your work and I will keep track of you and work efforts.


Chicago Astronomer Joe

At 7:33 AM, Blogger KoldKadavr said...

Puh-leeze. Sorry, man, but there ain't no living eternally WITHOUT Jesus. There is one possibly, though: That equals the Abyss. Want a recap, David? Thought so. After our Finite Existence, my friend, if we don't have God in three entities, HASTA LA VISTA, baby!!! You [meaning 'we'] have had totally enough time to seek and find the Godhead in your WEE-WEE-shortime here; There's plenty of opportunity in your staid character to develop a relationship with sHe. 'Nuff sed. Be at peace. IN HOC SIGNO + VINCES: Crux Sacre Sit Mihi Lux! Lookit: www.blogger.com/profile/8790577 for more info. VIVE CHRISTOS REI!!!

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Spaceways Radio said...

Incredible talk on Coast To Coast tonight! I'll be ordering your new book, Singularity, sometime tomorrow. Interested to know, what music, if any, is evolved in the realm of Singularity. What of the consciousness of sound and how it can be used to heal? Is there music on Earth that vibrates beyond duality? Please get back to me if possible.
Thank you!
Carlos Nino
Aquarius, Dragon

At 8:27 PM, Blogger stephen Jimenez said...

David. I was sensing during C2C that you were wanting to explore the possibilities of how music plays into the puzzle. Please contact me. i'd like to discuss music.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Sphere said...

Loved hearing you talk on CCAM the other night, bought your online book Singularity. I'm just getting into it but found something spellcheck missed, a typo in the introduction where you say:

"...Someone else will pant a tree right here."

Last few words of the first paragraph of the introduction, check it out. Maybe you can fix it for your online version?



At 6:11 AM, Blogger Ken said...

Are you Christian? I am interested in what it is like to really experience Christ and if you book could do that I would love to read it. I just don't want to be bumped off track of focusing on Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thanks, Ken

At 11:57 AM, Blogger sink sink socks said...

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At 5:07 PM, Blogger sink sink socks said...

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger Cobra said...

've read your book and reread certain sections. Here's my frame of mind. Your concept of Singularity represents
and increase of Two Shock Levels for me. By this I mean the scalar reference to Future shock. Humans generally are only able to move up one
shock level at a time without an adverse reaction. The simple scale is Shock Level 0 to 4. I'm at about an SL2 and your Concept is an SL4 event.
My teacher has been feeding me information and ideas that are generally only 1 level above me, and I've been okay with that information. Then
he introduced me to your work, which instantly freaked me out. I would be like having that UFO you spoke about land in your back yard and
they come inside to sit down and chat with you about very advanced idea's.

So with that said, I'm stumbling forward trying like mad to stay on my feet and not collapse in a heap of mental goo. What this was like for me is
similar to what you describe when confronting God. The blinding light of a thousand suns. My analogy is a bit different. Imagine if you will, driving
your car at night down a dimly lit freeway. You see the occasional and obvious signage along the roadway (standard information), punctuated by the blinding lights of oncoming
traffic (new ideas and concepts). But as you gaze to the left or right on your journey, there is pretty much darkness and vague outlines of whatever is there.
You know something is there, you just cannot see it. Now imagine, suddenly that God light you spoke of, lighting up the landscape, which was previously
hidden from you. Now it is ALL visible in the blinding hot white light of the singularity!! Just try keeping your car on that same road! :-)

I'm seeing things I never new even existed before. That is shocking in the extreme. Herein lays the road to madness or salvation. Right now I've just stopped
my car and I'm trying to process all this new information (new to me). Then I can decide which way to proceed. It will not be easy to acknowledge that I
may be on the wrong road altogether!

Now I do have one question, and this may stem from not fully understanding your intended meaning. It concerns your statement: "What is consciousness?"
If I follow your line of reasoning in that chapter, we created the universe through duality? I'm getting hung up on some of your analogies, like viewing the universe
through hubble shows us billions and billions of galaxies. But is that due to the fact we believe we will see something? The observers are creating
the world around them? So if I follow that thinking, and apply it to the middle ages, when man believed the world was "flat", then at that time it actually
was "flat"? I might be oversimplifying your explanations, but I'm caught in a bit of a casual loop.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Ziomal said...

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At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just started studying "Singularity". One question (you may have covered this later on and my initial perusal (looks great!) didn't see it or grasp the concept fully.
In regards to the Tree of Knowledge: "That is our
punishment. We are banished here until we can unlock the code."

My basic beliefs at this point is that de-volution, (a phrase coined by Cremo, I think), is a process in which one became two, etc. on down in a pyramid fashion and that where we are now is a natural expression of the outpouring of Spirit into various vibrations of matter - - then, from the lowest level we start evolving, moving upward integrating and consciously aware of our being at the higher levels (as we progress).

So from that perspective, it's not like we are being punished, but, instead, are challenged to consciously choose the 'upward' path for progression; and to begin to learn balance between two extremes (good and evil, or service-to-self and service-to-others...)

I come initially from a protestant background, moved into new areas starting with Edgar Cayce material, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ram Dass, Joseph Benners's Impersonal Life, all the Seth Books, and JZ Knight's Ramtha and others. I've explored a lot of concepts trying to discover who and what I am, even mythologies like those presented by Michael Tsarian, William Henry and so on. Just gathering information to broaden my horizons and de-limit old or rigid patterns and concepts, you might say.

I meditate and , of course, find the scope of what I receive is directly related to my ability to be open and willing to expose myself to new information in my search for truth.
I am open to new ideas and feel great that quantum physics/mechanics is validating religious concepts and even broadening my vision of that.

All this is said, to let you know I am exploring your ideas with an open heart and mind. Therefore, when I find something I don't understand, I seek clarification - as I am doing with you now.


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo David,

(First apologies for my language I am foreigner.)
I have listening to you about singularity and I ordered the book "Singularity" a few days a go.
So it was great how you think about it. And I am a fan of you right now.
I was very interested by your theory about it.
Your theory is similar to us believe.

I am a Moslem and under Moslem there are a few sort of believes. And I am “Alevi “.
May be you think that the Moslem are almost the same but there are others,
Who has own ideas about it.
I am from Turkey and under Turkish ground there are almost 40 % (30,000,000 people) of my religion and believe. So if you think I am alone…. I am not.

We believe in Muhammed but not in the laws of radical Islam you know.
All human are equal, men and women are equal.
All religions are equal even the atheist.
The human him self is a part of one so we must respect this human.
Are religion says that human it self is the centre of the power.
There are no limits to our power because we are peace of God its self.
We have 3 rules in our live (like 10 commandments ).
Take care of your hands (stealing), your back ( Do not harm others the way of you get hurt ) and your mouth (lying or negative way of talking about others ).

We know that human has 5 sense. But in our believe we have 7 sense.
Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. In our believe there are 2 more sense.
6th sense is the sense we can sense humans and human energy (ghosts) and other life on this planet without using first 5 sense. 7th sense is the sense to communicate with other humans, human energy (ghost) without using our 5 sense. And there is a 8th sense but this is not under our consciousness this is when we enter the human body and disappear from body ( die ) we cannot control that.

So I had spiritual master in Turkey and he teach me a lot of these things.
When I first met him they told me that he had the powers to do things.
They told me that he healed some kid from his sickness without touching her body, that the doctors sad that the kid needed a surgery. The doctor wanted to examine the place of surgery but there were no sickness anymore. So the hospital could not explain the hole thing and they thought that was a human error. But there was on the place of the body a small peace of cut that they couldn’t understand… Many people had this story confirmed it.
And there are many different story of others things he did it.
I talk to him many times. And not ones he was angry or negative to me.
So I asked him why he was so. He told me that he had chosen a life where he is in a spiritual journey and he has rejected al other negative thoughts. He can only operate when he is pure.
He says he is not only but there are many people on the planet who do the same thing.
It is only the believers who get benefit it because of positive thought they have.
He sad to me that there are levels of power.
When you choose to be a positive person and if you want to get to higher level you must contain pure positive. And so are several levels that human can get to. If you do a mistake than you can loose this level and start over.
In the same way there are some spirit levels. There are totally six levels.
From the lowest level to God him self. 1001, 366, 40, 7, 3, 1 (god). These are guardians of this existing. Lowest = 1001 ghosts and the highest is 3 ghost. Only the one can choose this. There are names but it is all in Turkish I can not translate.

I do want to boor you so, I whish you success with your new book and whish that many people read it.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Sereda,

I am not so good in English so my apologies for my wrong typing.
(Last post I wrote boor but I mean I do not want to annoy.)

I was talking about my spiritual master in Turkey and I have some experience I want to share with you.
A few years a go I was on army special forces and we had some training back in Germany near Berlin. The training was to walk for 5 days about 100 miles (160 km) and with a weight on our body about 77 pounds (35 kg). And we must walk the mountain up and down for whole period. Only the night we where walking for tactical reason. So first 3 days it was not so heavy but after 3 days with 2 hours sleeping a day it was exhausting. You drink all the time but get not much eat. So after this 3 days we where on some mountain and we where walking, it was 300 hours, and I had this ability to see in the future. It was not to see in years or days but more in minutes. I had some flashback and a few minutes later I was on this place. I thought at first I was exhausted and so I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating or something. But I knew what I saw so I was very exited at the time and I wanted to examine the situation. I had this experience not ones but all the time I was walking and after a little break it was gone. We where walking with 10 soldiers in one team and I ask the team of they had some experience. 2 guys said that they saw something but they didn’t know what it was some kind of hallucinating. So I had this story and when I was back in Turkey I told my spiritual master the hole thing and ask him what it was.
He told me that the 7 sense that humans have the last to 2 sense are block in our mind. The brain only open this sense when its needed it to open. Probably you where very tired and you wanted to end this walking as soon as possible, because its comes from your thought the brain opens a door so you see the future, because you wanted to see.
He said even a chicken has this ability. I was surprised by this. He told me, if a chicken legs an egg, and wanted to secure this little ones before they come out, the last 10 days sits on this egg to protect them. In this period the chicken get very less food and some don’t even get eat. Because the body get exhausted they get a kind spiritual trance and after 10 days they know when the little ones going to come out and the chicken helps to break the egg on the right moment.

I ask him that there are some humans who see the future all the time and why they can see it. He told me if the human gets a terrible experience in his life like dead of his family the dramatic experience can damage the brain some way and could open the 6th and 7th sense. And so you can see the future all the time. There are people in this planet who can see the future for may be 40,000 years in the future. I asked is this possible. The people that see this are mostly suffering from physic illness, we know them as crazy people who lives in a institution. They get crazy because the brain cannot handle the situation. And believe me some can see everything from the past to deep in the future.
There is a trick, he tells me, that is possible to ordinary people to watch in the future.
!!Caution do not try this at home it could do damage to your body and can cause death!!
When a human do not get food for 3 days and he has a pure thought what he wants to see in the future he can get a glimp in the future. He says do not try this because you can get brain damage. But it is possible.

I said we believe that humans has power of God why?
And he says to understand this you must understand the universe.
To understand the universe you must look at an apple tree.
An apple tree grows in one point and grows and grows until you get many apples on the tree. Every apple communicates with the tree and with the other apples. When the apple grows, they fall from the tree. After that, the apple on the ground its self can grow to an tree, because the apple has the basics of the tree. The water is the main power of the apple. Without water the apple tree can not exist. So in every apple and tree you got water.
This means that there can be a lot of universe besides our universe. And water of the universe is the god its self. If you understand this you can understand the universe and the human it self. The basics are all the same. So this mean that in every living thing there is a peace of god otherwise we could be some kind of robot who takes orders to operate.

Where is the heaven or hell. He says there is no hell but only heaven there is no matches there to fired up. All the positive and negative things you do gets when you die in to the balance and if you did more negative things you go next time as less intelligent bean or creature, or you get suffered the next life as human, but it doesn’t mean that the suffering people who are living right now are bad or did bad thing. We do not know.

So we humans are very special. He says. We know all the knowledge of the universe.
Each time when human invent something we think that this humans got lucky. But this human knew this all the time only the environment he’s living lightning it up. This can get to any human, only the environment is important. So if there where no flying birds or no mountain then maybe no plane where invent it.

I asked him how he knew all this.
There are secret we cannot see but that doesn’t mean they do not exist. Like a wireless phone. We can not see but know that exists. There are guardians on this planet we cannot see and some times they get me information I need.

I have more stories to tell you, maybe next time.

So Mr Sereda I watched your documentary “Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs” also.
And I think you did a great job. I hope I will get “singularity” on time so I can expand my knowledge. Thank you. Tarkanc@gmail.com

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Beverly Hilliard said...

Hi David,
I am the lady whose friend was the daughter of Dr, Couche. and you taped her last year about this time for your Rife movie. Wondering how this project is going.. and also to thank you for going taping!! I would love to have the original form of the Rife device revived. I believe someone in Nevada has it, having somehow found it in a false room in the basement in his house in San Diego. That is all I know, unfortunately.. This is only the tip of the iceberg in what is possible.

I had great fun listening to your interview with George Noory last night.. got a real lift from it. We are connected to a Sound and Light path, which origins were in the middle ages in India with the 10 Siekh Guru's.. called now Sant Mat, or Radha Soami. There are 2 main centers. One is in Agra which is more of the historical root, and one in Beas which is near Amritisar, on the Indian side of the border.
There are many branches now, one of the main is Kirpal Singh who is more well known than our teacher out of Beas.. It is quite a story spanning 150 years now. Lots of drama, with the splits, and different teachers going out on their own.
Our definition of body full of light..all the energy currents used by the body except for the cord are gathered at the third eye, this will open an inner gate.
It brings much power,is very difficult to do without a guide who can protect from the power that is generated, and most likely
nearly impossible without prior experience in a past life.
Bev Hilliard tseeking@yahoo.com

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Django said...

My strong advice is not 2 use these crappy graphics. When somebody takes an interest in UFO's etc. they always reveal this great unconsciousness regarding taste and seriousness towards layout and form. It really puzzels me. Why is this?

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Beatitude Sputnik said...

Hello David, if you can contact me at my email which is the same as my nickname without the space at gmail.com or on google talk at the same name that would be great as I have some information that you may find useful. I have also experienced encounters with Einstein, around the same time that I believe that some pieces of the puzzle were given to me. Specifically, something that may be the equation that describes the act of creation itself, as far as I can tell.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger mrhelion said...

Just read ur book, great stuff

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Hey David,

Listened to you on coast to coast over the internet. Amazing stuff.

Speaking personally, I experienced a singularity of consciousness (while watching Terminator 3 of all things), which totally blew my head off.

I wasn't prepared for it at all, and all my feeble mind could equate it to is 'I am God'.

Since then I have battled and conquered mental illness which manifested itself as bipolar disorder.

However, it was not all bad.

Through mania and meditation I achieved what I believe to have been states that you call the early levels of Samadhi. Unfortunately, it only fuelled my mania more, so now I do not pursue it.

I have been in the clear for a couple of years now and am much more grounded but I have never forgotten the experiences and aim to keep them fresh in my mind.

I have done lots of reading and listening (particularly the wonderful Alan Watts, of whom I'm sure you are aware) and have realised that my initial experience was true. Just my interpretation of what it meant was way out.

I'm much happier in my interpretation now. Initially, it was a lonely path and I conducted my research in private but as I have grown more confident in my understanding (and it is thanks to people like you) I am able to bring friends and family 'into my world' a bit.

Your talk on coast to coast resonated with me reminding me that I wasn't completely mad but also that if one is not prepared for the experience (I was smoking marijuana at the time - not through meditation) it can cause suffering when you 'come back down'.

I will read your book, and watch your films and see where they take me.

kudos to you

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Atlantean725 said...

Hello David:

I enjoyed your appearances on Coast to Coast,had heard you live at the Bay Area UFO show, and really liked your book Face to Face with JC. How would you compare your experiences of the higher worlds with the description of Arjuna seeing Krisna in his universal body form, or Paul Twitchell's Tiger's Fang journey to the higher planes, or Julian Johnson's description in the Path of the Masters, or finally Kirpal Singh's description of them in the Jap Ji? Keep up the great work.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Markku M said...

Mr.Sereda, you've done a brilliant work indeed! I'm living in Finland, and became your big fan after I saw your amazing NASA-dvd. While ago I purchased your Andromeda-dvd, which is another masterpiece. And just finished reading your book 'Singularity' couple of days ago. Amazing, truly amazing information, I just knew there was much more to Jesus Christ, than has been told. I too have taken a little look into Nag Hammadi writings, and found the passages describing the beings called 'Archons', a rather disturbing. To me it sure looks like that those ancient texts are describig the humanoid 'greys' But enough of that.

Jesus has also said in the Bible that all that he has done, can we also do, and more. Isn't that funny that they never point out those words, when you go to church? One should never connect Jesus and religion. Religion is a human construct, and therefore a subject for corruption. You've taken a correct path, one should only concentrate on the words of Jesus. Religion just gave as another authority figure to fear and respect, while keeping us blid to our own God-given spiritual power...bacically reducing us in to slaves.

Your book, Singularity, has a really powerful information in it, and I especially like the way how it is uniting spirituality with sience, beacause when those two finally meet, we will be in a better world. One research was missing from your book though, that I think is probably very relevant to the concept of singularity. David, have you ever heard about the ORME's, Orbitally Rearrangent Monatomic Elements? I'm sure you have, but if not, here is one link:

Thank you once more David. Your book has brought a new hope for me, it has filled me with a new inspiration. Take a look into that monatomic gold (ORME) matter, and see if combining that with your own research would take us one step closer to antigravity, levitation, beyond light-speed and finally into singularity!

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Markku M said...

Mr.Sereda, you've done a brilliant work indeed! I'm living in Finland, and became your big fan after I saw your amazing NASA-dvd. While ago I purchased your Andromeda-dvd, which is another masterpiece. And just finished reading your book 'Singularity' couple of days ago. Amazing, truly amazing information, I just knew there was much more to Jesus Christ, than has been told. I too have taken a little look into Nag Hammadi writings, and found the passages describing the beings called 'Archons', a rather disturbing. To me it sure looks like that those ancient texts are describig the humanoid 'greys' But enough of that.

Jesus has also said in the Bible that all that he has done, can we also do, and more. Isn't that funny that they never point out those words, when you go to church? One should never connect Jesus and religion. Religion is a human construct, and therefore a subject for corruption. You've taken a correct path, one should only concentrate on the words of Jesus. Religion just gave as another authority figure to fear and respect, while keeping us blid to our own God-given spiritual power...bacically reducing us in to slaves.

Your book, Singularity, has a really powerful information in it, and I especially like the way how it is uniting spirituality with sience, beacause when those two finally meet, we will be in a better world. One research was missing from your book though, that I think is probably very relevant to the concept of singularity. David, have you ever heard about the ORME's, Orbitally Rearrangent Monatomic Elements? I'm sure you have, but if not, here is one link:

Thank you once more David. Your book has brought a new hope for me, it has filled me with a new inspiration. Take a look into that monatomic gold (ORME) matter, and see if combining that with your own research would take us one step closer to antigravity, levitation, beyond light-speed and finally into singularity!

At 5:55 AM, Blogger m.a.r.k__5 said...

Hiya David.
Big fan here; fellow Canadian too. ;) Love what you've done to date. Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to reading this new book. Wish it was a video/movie though also; I'm more into visual stimuli is all.

I was wondering... after seeing that you're into spiritualism also, what your thoughts are on this subject: http://www.enkispeaks.com/. Have you heard of this? and if so, what do you think about it?

Take care, have a good one.
Mark L.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Byron said...

Dave: I have quite a bit of understanding of vortexes. I've done my own field work since discovering one in San Diego in 1993. From totally groping in the dark with no prior knowledge of vortexes I have learned a great deal. Whether by accident or fate, I bought a house in 2003 built over a vortex, which I became aware of shortly after I moved in. Since then I have had many anomalous occurrences that have added to my understanding. I have been living in my own laboratory. I have received direct communication from researchers at Princeton, which blew my mind. I have traveled into my own future as well as viewed the past within 50 yards of my house - saw people and scenery from 1890's and more. Vortexes as you know, act as gateways under certain circumstances. I have, like you been a mediator since age 17. I'm 57 now. - BA

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:01 AM, Blogger QiGongMonkey said...

Hello David,

Been learning about you and John Hutchinson. Very interested. Would like to know how to access your 50 page paper reguarding related things. Maybe you could contact me? I also wanted to know if yhou are familiar with the "Urantia Book" and its philosophy. It talks about ultimatons and gravitons. Anyway check it out and help me read your paper.

Thanks so much

At 3:47 PM, Blogger dbjr said...

Read the book. Nice job hiding the fact that youre a Jesus freak until the very end of the book. Surprise! Singularity is Jesus! The fact that you claim to have met Jesus and Mary in person many times while living in a tent for 5 years simply says it all.
Leave science to those who follow the trail of facts, not jam science into the mold of Christianity. Name me another human that has said that if I simply tell my bodys cells to stop again, they will. Hey David, hows that working out for you? Stopped aging? Oh, I see youre now chasing UFO's. Guess thats where the money and next set of gullible people are.
Thanks for wasting my time with your Christian fanaticism.

At 3:31 AM, Blogger edemar said...

wasup david serada..ive been enjoyin your work for about 2 years / thank you for your efforts.i know your interested in anti gravity propulsion so i will briefly share my observsation. 1984 . tyalgum northern new south wales australia...know as the tweed valley, the tweed valley is an extinct volcano crater ,mount warning being the plug some 1100 metres high..myself and 2 buddies parked my car on the side of the road on a clear ,still starry night .on the oposite side of the road was bush land with the valley wall in the distance. 3 of us saw a beam of light coming from a craft [like you would see a police helicopter at night ] but brighter..the craft was aprox 150 metres above the ground,the beam /spotlight lighting the tops of the trees like daylight/this craft was silent omitting a strong beam moving silently and slowly towards our position. we started walking down a track towards my friends place watching the craft drift towards us..as it came closer to the road the beam of light went out and it sat there stationary for a minute or so/ 3 lights went on in the shape of a triangle OK INTERESTING MOTION PART FOR DS: instead of zipping away it moved in an arc like pattern [ say on a clock face from 6pm to 3pm]it movedin short bursts from 6 to 3 like little arcsand took about 20 arcs or curves ro be in the stars i watched the craft continue to arc way into the stars unti it was gone :i rarely hear any stories of ufo's moving in this arc type pattern...if it was a military craft it couldof gone over the mountains and easily outta sight not fly in arcs into the stars..i hope the 'movement 'or way this thing flew was of some interest no high speed straight line exit just short high speed arcs 6pmto 3 pm / regards from antznezt

At 3:40 AM, Blogger edemar said...

i saw a ufo in about 84'it was 150 metres above the ground travelling silently at night slowly above trees the tops of the trees were lit up with a beam similar to a police chopper search beam but 4 times brighter.The craft moved toward me and 2 buddies we moved away down a track and as it aproached the road the spotlight went out it sat motionless in the air like it was aware we had seen it{evaluating?} 3 lights went on in a triangle shape THIS IS WHAT I THOUGHT MIGHT INTEREST DAVID : THE CRAFT WAS SITTING THERE WITH 3 LIGHTS ON THEN IT MOVED AWAY IN AN ARC LIKE PATTERN ..SAY: 6PM TO 3PM ON A CLOCK FACE/SMALL CURVES OR ARCS MAYBE 20 SMALL ARCS TILL IT WAS IN THE STARS AND OUTTA SIGHT..i rarely hear about anything moving in this manor...was a life changing experience...i appreciate your information and research and look foward to your future projects . regards anthony

At 12:02 PM, Blogger David H-N said...

Hello David, I have just watched your Dan Akroyd interview belatedly, and was impressed by the description you gave for advanced technologies being related to matter converted to photons. This is exactly what I witnessed in the early nineties, and is described towards the end of my blog which I invite you to read, as it may have some use to you in some way. The characteristics of the craft I witnessed was indeed a translucent light emitting oval shape with round windows across the middle section.

It flew like an insect in this state, then at incredible speed faster than my eyes could keep up with its movement, it traveled in a straight line then suddenly stopped. It became brighter then gradually solid, then continued to increase in brightness until in a flash of brilliant white light, vanished. My blog is nordicencounter.blogspot.com Best wishes David H-N.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger David H-N said...

Hello David,

I must confess that I actually read your post after I left the previous comment, so I would like to continue further now read about 'Singularity'. As I mentioned before I have had some UFO encounters, and know at the deepest level that there is a spiritual dimension to them. The single most profound shift came when I placed a crystal called Sodalite on my third eye area. This occurred around the same time as the the UFO encounters.

I felt a sensation not unlike pins and needles from my head which flowed down to my chest and then to my hands. Then at once I was in a state of pure Consciousness. At the same time I felt absolute peace, a realization of being awake from a dream, that I am One with all life, and how simple the Truth is and that missing this truth results in the egoic state (This dillusional state felt hilarious). I said the word God, being One with the timeless eternal Life. When I glanced at the three other people one who was my own Mother, I saw only my Self beyond their forms... Unconditional Love. Again at the same time I was intelligence itself, all knowing infinite wisdom. It was pure Joy I had never been happier, I felt a comfortable headache sensation in the center of my brain, and after a few days I was observing a old lady, when the same tingling sensation returned and I was again One, recognizing the Consciousness of the stranger as my Self, Unconditional Love and a sense of timelessness.

I knew that Consciousness would return One day, when the time is right and that it would indeed mean the end of death, suffering, disease War through the illusion of separation of Consciousness.

The encounters with the being from elsewhere and the inter-dimensional craft I observed that can be read in my blog, triggered numerous 'Light Body' experiences and I feel that they are involved in the shift in Consciousness which witnessing. I is though they are awaiting Consciousness of Earth's humanity to become truly cosmic.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Streetretort.com said...

David, the "Golden Compass" trilogy brings at once to mind your brilliant discussion of good and evil delivered on a coast show some years ago. Have you read these books and are you familiar with the author.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

The experimental work performed by Dr. Emoto on the power of water is supported by other experimenters detailed in the book "The Field" authored by Lynn Mctaggart. Your efforts to disseminate this information to the public is extremely important especially since the mainstream media has failed to do so.
However, I part with your associating the power of water with the Big Bang Theory and the fusion model of the sun. Observations from the SOHO satellite does not support the fusion model based on the very non-linear temperature variations of the photosphere, chromospheres and corona. Whereas the electric model predicts the SOHO temperature observations and supports the magnetic anomalies that are produced. The universe is composed of 99.9% plasma which implies strong electric currents that directly creates magnetic fields that are 39 magnitudes stronger than gravity.
The Big Bang Theory is predicated on the Doppler Effect, Red Shift and recessional velocity. Halton Arp proved via observation (photographs) that the red shift was not due to recessional velocity which contradicts the Big Bang Theory. The mainstream astrophysics' community supported his banishment from using observatories in the U.S. which is censorship. Nothing has really changed since Galileo's time and censorship marches on. By associating the power of water with failed theories will hamper it's acceptance.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger MrKnowitall said...

You should take over Steven Speilberg's job.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger MrKnowitall said...

You should take over Steven Spielberg's job.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger wilfredo said...

tome 2 fotografias y quiero una respuesta de un punto que aparece en las dos fotos, a sabinedo de sus investigaciones

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I have plans for most ufo-s(ifo-s), along with the particle physics knowledge to back it up.
There is no point in talking about all this, I can build this, something can be done, difficult to do alone however.
mikefromspace / youtube

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Quantum Vision said...

David, i hear you don't allow comments that you don't like, i feel this is very unfair.

If you are really about the love and the light then, as long as someone isn't being downright rude, surely you should allow people their say in your little corner of the internet ?

I emailed you once about your jewellery, and for a man who is supposedly a scientist nothing you said about the jewellery had any scientific basis.

Are you really about the Love and Light, or is it about profit for you now ?

Kind Regards.

At 1:46 AM, Blogger Chondon Chondro said...

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At 9:27 PM, Blogger Stewart M. said...

I listened to your talk on Water has Memory! Amazing stuff.
So now that is unequivocal proof of God's existence!
I also have a video of proof that universe has a center. Proof of a creator again.
Stew-eM from Van


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