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Friday, July 07, 2006

Why Dan Aykroyd on UFOs? www.DAUFO.com

I Directed this film and other UFO films because they are real to me. I am not a believer alone, I am an experiencer. When you see one of these things, all of the video tape you see in this film is "as it is": truly real. This is the truth to me because I saw a UFO metalic Flying Saucer, with several other witnesses, hovering in the sky above Berkeley, CA, 1967-68 for over twenty minutes. It changed my life. After twenty minutes, the Flying Saucer blinked out and went invisible. My story and experience has been heard by millions of people on the hundreds of radio shows I do. When I learned that Flying Saucers were a world wide phenomena, I engaged myself into the subject. I studied and became and Expert in this field.

Despite Dan Aykroyd's lifetime study of the UFO phenomenon and several case studies he has done, he is the most well informed and educated Hollywood celebrity on the subject, along with Steven Spielberg. In this film, Aykroyd is backed up by Several Expert Witnesses who have had either clear documentation on UFO cases or experiences themselves: Astronaut Gordon Cooper testifies to chasing UFOs in his F-86 Fighter jet in Germany, post WW II, double lenticular disc-shaped UFOs that out-performed his fighter, and another case at Edwards AFB in 1957; Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14) walked on the moon and testifies that UFOs are real; USAF Ret Ken Storch testifies that UFOs nearly started WW III mistaken for Russian ICBMs; Medical Doctor Lynn Kitei (The Phoenix Lights), John Schuessler, NASA Contactor, etc.etc.

When Expert Witnesses testify to seeing and having experiences with Flying Saucers and UFOs, we would think that our own Space Agency, Government, Congress and the President would listen in. Seriously now, we have so much to gain by learning from Extraterrestrial civilizations: like how to solve the energy pollution crisis, how to travel between star systems and other galaxies, and spiritual evolution. Why not believe?

In a court of Law, an Expert Witness is a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about. That means, if someone with less experience in their area of expertise testifies against them, such as a news paper columnist, it does not stand. You cannot challenge an Expert Witness unless you are an Expert Witness yourself.

Why is it that when Expert Witnesses testify by the hundreds to thousands in "Project Disclosure," and in this film, that journalists claim they are all delusional and seeing weather related phenomena? What makes a journalist an Expert Witness?Don't you think Gordon Cooper knows every enemy airplane by number, and every allied airplane by number, let alone balloons, and rockets? Also, that he would know when he is looking at a craft that anti-gravitic, truly beyond all known technology? When Ken Storch USAF Retired testifies that UFOS nearly caused WW III at Space Command, he is testifying as an Expert Witness. John Schuessler is testifying as an Expert Witness that he saw the Filed Reports on Several Astronaut UFO encounters, including James McDivitt, Gemini IV, 1965 UFO Sighting.

Why is it that certain people in the media ommit Expert Witness Testimony and claim to be more knowledgeable that these very experts in their own repsective fields? Why did Time Magazine report UFO sightings by expert witnesses with glowing testimony without critique in the 1960s? How did this all change? Is this coverup being paid for by the CIA?

Time Magazine Reported on July 27, 1962 that while test flying the X-15, Major Bob White (another Expert Witness) found a new mystery for scientists to puzzle: Through the X-15's thick left quartz window, he saw a strange sight. "There are things out there," he said dramatically ove rhis voice radio. "There absolutely is." As White later described on "thing,": "It looked like a piece of paper the size of my hand tumbling slowly outside the plane. t was greyish in color, and about 30 to 40 feet away. I haven't any idea what it could be."

The Time Magazine article inspired the Pilot Episode of "My Favorite Martian" in 1963. They used the same incident precisely: the X-15 being pursued by a UFO. Watch it and find out!

The New York Times
July 18, 1952
By the United Press

DAYTON, Ohio, July 17 - An Air Force spokesman said today some sixty reports of flying saucers had been received during the last two weeks. He could give no reason for the sudden increase.

Capt. E. J. Ruppelt of the Air Force Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Base said "people are seeing unidentified objects in the sky at a rate almost double over last year."

Captain Ruppelt, project officer for the Air Force group that investigates unidentified aerial objects, said there was no connection between the saucer sighting increase and the recent inauguration of Operation Skywatch by the Ground Observer Corps.

He said his office was requesting more information from two Pan American Airways pilots who reported seeing "eight glowing red-orange disks" flying near Norfolk, Va., last Sunday night. The pilots, W. B. Nashid and W. H. Fortenberry said the objects were travelling at 1,000 miles an hour.

With all of these Expert Witnesses testifying to the reality of UFOs, and the many articles in Time Magazine, The New York Times, etc., why don't viewers let both sides of the argument tell their story without being heavily edited?

I dare anyone to sponsor a Supreme Court Hearing with a Grand Jurry on UFOs. You will be surprised to see that the conservative right will loose. CNN/Time Opinion Polls show clearly that most Americans believe this is all real. Too many of us have seen them.

David Sereda

See UFO Articles from Time, New York Times, etc. here:



At 6:50 AM, Blogger A. Contactee said...

Thanks David, Dan and everyone for trying to get this subject known to the public.

I have matched up a 1960's photo of a real serpant/reptilian extra-/terrestrial to a statue of the GOD known as "The Feathered Serpent" or Quetzacoatl.

You can compare the photo at:
http://forum.prophecies.us/index.php in my gallery for user "Getreal" or under Myths and Legends under thread "Myths are real" or in the UFO forum under thread "UFOs are real and anyone can call them".

The latter thread has a few links that might be of interest in my lastest post.

I think this will change some minds for the better. C

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Citizen Cain said...

I don't get it. If aliens are real, what are you, David Sereda, doing right now besides making movies?

Can't you duplicate the technology?

Can't you go around with a UV camera and get better footage of these craft than a NASA film?

It doesn't make sense. You think you'd be using this knowledge about the ultraviolet, and the "galaxy clock" to be making advances in this field. Instead, you're making money off of it.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Your blog is very interesting, I found it when looking for personals yahoo com related sites.
Regards, Kate.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Chris Cal said...


I have watched the trailer of DAUFO and looks very interesting and i congratulate you for all your work which is very admirable.
I also have a few questions on mind i want to ask you and i don't know how familiar you are about the "Billy Meier Case" and what you think about it (?), since you have published pictures on your blog and video.
Do you believe those pictures are genuine? taking in mind how controversial this case really is?
And here is the million dollar question!!! Do you support it?



At 5:13 PM, Blogger Julian Gillespie said...

Hi David,

Quick note to say that I just finished watching your film Evidence: The Case for NASDA UFOs - congratulations!

All I can simply say is 'I Believe'.


Sydney Australia

At 7:17 PM, Blogger james said...

Dear Mr Sereda

I see similarities between your Galaxy Clock and other phenomena like Black Holes.

Within regards to the UFO's in the NASA Tether footage, I understand that the centre of the Disk is dark because its at a frequency my eyes cannot comprehend but there is also a dark notch on the Disk's edge, I initially thought this "dark notch" was a piece absent from the disks initial manufacture but could it be a gravity well to help with stabilization and direction of travel?



At 2:02 PM, Blogger JcFractal said...

HI David,
I was looking at the video of the High speed turn (NASA footage) and your explanation of the Hyper speed object. If you notice the video seems to speed up right as the object that makes the high speed turn appears on screen. You can tell the video is speeding up, by seeing the clouds on the earth shift quickly. The speeding up stops right as the light makes the turn. Then the video continues at regular speed. This seems to be a
manipulation of the video. So it might affect the way the particles appeared to move. You can also see that during the period were the video speeds up, that some of the background stars disappear for a second, as if they are being obscured to hide the fact that the video speeded up.
I'm not sure how all this affects the conclusions you got from the footage. And I'm not sure if this manipulation can create the effect of that light making a sharp turn?!

I wonder if you've observed these issues before..

Sincerely, J

At 3:05 AM, Blogger MICHAEL1 said...


At 6:34 PM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

Dear David,

I have very much appreciated your analysis on the CASE of the Nase UFO.

I would like to offer to promote your work with a TV host here in Ottawa.

If you can find a spot in your busy schedule, could you contact me via: RichardLalancette.Blogspot.com or directly at Richard.Lalancette[at]gmail.com

Best regards,


At 1:18 AM, Blogger Anthony said...

Picture Of German Spiral Propulsion System
I couldn't find your email? Watching the video linked below, I was reminded of one of your videos. Check out at 6:55 of this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QuaO10MxnU


At 2:38 PM, Blogger fellerpainting said...

I ran across your videos on youtube. I have no scientiic expertise to make an informed opinion on the physics but they were very engaging and I watched them well into the wee morning hours. 25 years ago I watched objects in the sky (along with dozens of others) while transiting the straights between italy and sicily aboard a us aircraft carrier. I saw a "sphere: of light which appeared to revolve and tumble at the same time exit its position along the starboard beam as abruptly as the images you discuss zipping off and over the horizon from space. In fact they reminded me very much of what I had seen so many years ago. I've had a few other experiences over my 40+ years and have always hungered for answers to the things I've witnessed. I don't have the luxury of dismissing them. But I also think we need to approach this inquiry with our critical faculties intact. It has been my experience that those who don't believe and don't want to acknowledge these phenomenon will bend over backwards to deny it all. On the other hand, those who believe it and want to belong to something larger than themselves often seem to lack a healthy does of scepticism. The thing that has frustrated me most over the 2 decades I have been researching this subject is how quickly "believers" jump to conclusions where other explanations could be found and may be likely. The point that jcfractal made comes to mind. The imagery is compelling but how can we know it hasn't been tampered with by folks at NASA or just some joker teasing the new agers?

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Josephus said...

Hi David,
Have you ever heard about the One Terminal Capacitor? The workings of the Flying Saucer were discovered in 1967 and patented many years later. E.G. How they are powered, likr Tesla's Electric Pierce Arrow Car in 1931, by tapping power right out of the aether.
Google> One Terminal Capacitor Joseph....<

At 7:06 PM, Blogger mikemjl said...


By looking at the earths clouds speed up rapidly and the angle at which the object comes in, and appears to make a high speed turn is not what actually happened. What happened was simply that the videographer simply retracted the zoom level. He zoomed out. The instant he stopped zooming out(look at the clouds) the object appeared to turn. The object was always moving in that direction to begin with. Try this with any camera. Its obvious.

At 8:14 AM, Blogger JhonyOuest said...

Hi David, I have real potos of the
columbia space shuttle beening shot down. Would you like a copy.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger markdematteo said...

man i hope this gets to you somehow,on or about 10/10/2007 1.30 pm ,i was sitting in my back yard looking up for no reason and seen this enormous round cloudy figure with a black hole in the center and appeared to be spinning,it came from behind one cloud and proceeded to go behind the cloud next to it,.only saw it for about 5 seconds top, i ran to get my camera but was too late ---10 minutes latermilitary jets came from every direction performing wild moves that looked like an air show for about an hour or less--when i seen yre thing on you tube about the pulsing ufo [ tether incodent]i immediatly thought about what i seen in my back yard that day ,it hit me like a ton of bricks and kinda got scared ..what the hell is out there ? and why wont the govt tell us whats going on---so im glad there are people like you to shed some technology to this light ---thanx www.myspace/markdematteo.com marrero louisiana ,new orleans area

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mr sereda, I am don't know if you read this or not ,but It seems the only possible way to reach you.I have also had these dreams associated with being shocked,it was intense,yet painless,in a stimulkating way to the nervous system.I saw three brightly glowing beings.and I also see in my mind a device spinning on both ends in opposite directions.there is a rod connecting the two generating some type of field,I have drawn it in contex of field motion but I am convinced it generates a field,I am not crazy,I know what I know,and when I watched your video 5 min ago,I felt deeply compelled to write,how is this possible?Is there others this happens to?And these atom size balls of light,I always figured they were moleules that light was reflecting off of,because you can really see them well in the sun by looking up or at something white.they move in a pattern fading in and out,but always the same patter like fading in and out.well,thanks

At 7:21 AM, Blogger markdematteo said...

the voice of enlightenment was a very good dvd i loved it thanx---and good work!

At 4:23 AM, Blogger traveller said...

Dear David,
I was introduced to your amzing work by my son, from an UFO and your lecture on energy - became hugely excited how ever closer you and the some of the sciences are coming to some of the visions and experiences Sri Aurobindo described in his writings.
He certainly crossed and entered all of the universes and bought down into matter what he called the supramental truth - are you familiar with his work and writing?

And having just told a friend in South Africa about you she has already discovered your blog:-))...wonderful how your message can cross the cosmos!
Nuch strength, light and love with your work.
...a wanderer currently living in Germany.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Byam said...

Please look at; Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan Bio. also Contactinfo.net Thankyou! I have seen many ufos!.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger World-Online said...

Greetings David,

I have watched your Video in which
you have explained how it is possible to trtavel at light Speed + how it is possible to create the Anti grav effect. I truly understand. It is pure Logic.
I have also watched the full Video about the Disclosure Project.

In case anybody thinks that we are alone..... Here is the Hard Evidence:

In short... Qualified Airline Pilots do not lie. I know that the
US Military + Others are still pushing out the Official Denial Story. Sad but true.

Take a hard look at what the Pharmaceutical Industry is trying to do to the Natuaral Health Cause.

David,I really hope that you see this comment because I would like to get in contact with you. Yuo have my 100% Support.



At 1:50 PM, Blogger Byam said...

Contactinfo.net Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan a bio..

At 1:01 AM, Blogger searl2112 said...


At 1:03 AM, Blogger searl2112 said...

DAVID- MUST READ THIS- DROPA STONES. THEY WERNT MADE TO SYMBOLIZE ANYTHING... THEY ARE THE ARTIFACTS FROM THE CRAFT... THEY ARE THE REMAINS FROM A 12 PHASE LINEAR MOTOR a GTRAVITY GENERATOR 12-22-32= 66 66 rollers * 8 (dropa diskS) = 528 a 12-22-32-42 would be 800+ rollers...PLEASE GOTO www.myspace.com/phoenixlander

At 6:21 AM, Blogger MarcusT said...

David, I have just watched your interview/documentary with Dan Akroyd and on the whole it's generally very good, unlike other documentaries who destroy their credibility by being overly sensational, your film comes across as pretty credible. I need no convincing about the subject matter anyway, I already agree with most of what was said by those that appeared in the film.

HOWEVER, to my horror you included footage of the NASA "dropa stones" which have been thoroughly debunked! In a nutshell, it's the "diamond UFOs" thing all over again - the "UFOs" are bokeh (out of focus visual artifacts) caused by the "catadioptric" lens (also known as a "mirror lens") which is used in astronomy to achieve huge magnifications and collect a lot of light. The UV camera used by NASA had such a lens, and the donut shapes observed in the footage are a direct product of the use of this lens.

Please read:



You (and anyone else) can see that when you re-watch the segment in your documentary where this footage is shown (right after the words "and then is swarmed by UFO's"), the camera starts off zoomed out, with the tether appearing out of focus, hence quite fat, and BLACK in the middle - this is the donut bokeh in action, except on a long object rather than a point source. You can also see countless other objects following linear paths, some of which are more in focus than others (this is simply space junk, of which there are at least 110,000 pieces in orbit, some of which travel at 17,500mph - see http://www.space.com/spacewatch/space_junk.html)

As the camera zooms in and focuses on the tether, the bokeh effect decreases on the tether, and increases on the space junk, with the "UFOs" becoming larger until the camera stops zooming.

I should perhaps add that the notch which you can see on each "UFO" in the footage is almost certainly explained by a component protruding slightly into the path of the light somewhere inside the lens assembly. Indeed, if you watch the footage carefully, at one point a "UFO" on the left starts with two notches directly opposite each other, and the top one slowly reduces in size as the object moves towards the right, until only the bottom notch remains.

I can't say strongly enough how important it is to know about technical issues like this in order to be able to evaluate alleged UFO footage more effectively. Fortunately, all of the the other footage featured in the documentary seemed credible, but in the case of this NASA "tether UFOs" you have been fooled, and it is imperative that all ufologists educate themselves not only about this particular instance, but about how lenses can introduce other misleading artifacts into video footage and still frames.

PLEASE investigate the phenomenon I have described above for yourself, come to your own conclusions (though if you are a man of science there is only one conclusion you can come to about this tether footage), be honest about the mistake, and ensure that your fellow researchers (and Dan, please pass on my regards) are also aware of it.

Concealing errors, however well intentioned, doesn't help our cause - full disclosure is the only way forward.

At 6:05 AM, Blogger bobwhite said...

I hav the only known piece of a ufo,Mr. Akroyd has my book.ufo hunters did a piece on me may 6 09 there is new evidence comming. Bob White

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so much people in this blog has put a lot of interesting information about the phenomenon know as UFO, in my own experience I seen some of this objects flying through sky, I get my camera viagra online and take so many photos of this object.

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Sereda

check this threads on UFOs with some spectacular events UFO related that happened in Greece in the 80-90.




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